Japanese Market Trends

Japan is Attractive Sports Business &

Training Fitness Market!

Japan Sports Agency (JSA) is now aiming to expand Japanese sports
market from 50.0 billion to 138.2 billion USD by 2025!

Rate: USD 1=JPY 110
Source: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The number of fitness club members has been increasing and a person in Japan spends more money on fitness compared to USA & UK.

  • Number of Fitness Club Members*
    - 2000: 2.1 million
    - 2018: 3.4 million

  • Yearly Expense for Fitness Clubs (per person)**
    - Japan: 931.91 USD
    - USA: 516.80 USD
    - UK: 747.47 USD

*Source: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
**Source: Global Report (IHRSA)
In 2018. Calculated by yearly sales value/number of fitness club members

Japan‘s national sports budget has reached 318 million USD in 2019. The budget doubled from 2006, meaningsports business is a national commitment in Japan.

  • Use of national sports budget:
     - Sports business industry promotions
     - Players reinforcement plans
     - Sports facilities maintenances
     - Sports participation expansion projects
     - Other sports-related businesses etc.