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 Discover the latest advancements in sports technology, training & conditioning methods, and sports business strategies.​

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Experience the dynamic world of sports at Japan’s leading sports industry tradeshow! This one-of-a-kind event brings together a comprehensive showcase of the latest advancements and innovations for all sports teams and athlets.

Reasons to visit Japan Sports Week​

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Find the perfect equipment and apparel to meet the needs of your athletes or customers. Get a feel for the latest in sports equipment, apparel, and technology.​


See the latest innovations from leading brands all under one roof. Compare features, test performance, and find the perfect solutions for your needs.​

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Japan Sports Week is a premier networking hub, connecting industry professionals from all over Japan. Participate in 1-on-1 networking sessions.

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I came to the exhibition hoping to see the latest lighting equipment with my own eyes. While I had read an overview online, nothing beats seeing and comparing the items in person at the exhibition hall.

Toyota Stadium

Trade shows are crucial for understanding market trends. They provide an opportunity to analyze various companies simultaneously, offering insights for developing new products and expanding our customer base. We are eager to gather insights from additional companies in the next edition.

Chiba Lotte Marines
(Professional Baseball Team)


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Visitor registration (free) is required. ※Please note that every visitor is required to register in advance.​

*VIP: for those whose job titles are Manager or above.

Top Products and Services Showcased 

Stay ahead of the curve by exploring the newest advancements in sports technology, training methods, and consumer preferences. See cutting-edge products firsthand and compare them directly. This unique opportunity allows you to make informed decisions for your business or personal needs.​

  • Sports/Athlete Performance Technologies​
  • Stadium/Arena Equipment​
  • Products/Services to Attract Customers & Fans​
  • Promotional Items​
  • Training/Fitness Equipment​
  • Rehabilitation/Medical Equipment​
  • Supplement/Protein Drinks​
  • High-Technology Wear, Shoes, etc.​

List of Participating Teams and Organisations​

A total of 400 teams and groups attended from the 2023 show!​

  • Professional Baseball and Independent Leagues​

  • Soccer (J-League) ​

  • Basketball (B League) ​

  • Rugby (League One)​

  • Volleyball (V League) ​

  • Other Leagues ​

  • Associations and Organizations​

  • University​

Contents of 2024 Show

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